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Bearing a Posthumous Name (諱、握りて, Imina, Nigirite) is the first episode of Noragami Aragoto. It first aired October 2, 2015.


Bishamonten has a nightmare about her past involving how Yato killed off all of her Shinki in the past with the exception of Kazuma. This acts as fuel for her revenge to the present day. Yato and Yukine go on a job with Hiyori to take care of a baby. However, they are soon attacked by an Ayakashi. Yato realizes the Ayakashi is the result of the baby's loneliness and the baby reaching out to its reflection for company and has Yukine cut the shadow in half. The three of them then go back to Kofuku's home, where Hiyori tutors and teaches Yukine. She determines him to be about a year younger than her, having most likely died in his second year of middle school. Yato tells them not to worry because soon he will hit it big now that he has a new good luck charm until Hiyori points out it is a plastic rip-off. When Yukine asks how much it cost, he replies 200.000 yen, causing both Hiyori and Yukine to beat him, the latter of whom complains that he and Yato wouldn't have to live off bread crusts with that much money.

Later, as Yato and Yukine wander around town, they hide from Bishamonten. Yukine wonders how long they will have to run from her, but Yato doesn't answer. Bishamonten doesn't notice them but instead a Shinki who is being attacked by ayakashi. Kazuma tells her to leave her since she has too many Shinki already, but Bishamonten says she can't because she already failed to save her once. She rescues the Shinki, uses Akiha the knife to remove the impurities in her body, and takes her to the palace where she names her Mineha. Later Yukine wanders around the town and becomes depressed that no one has noticed him. As he sulks, a boy named Suzuha comes up and talks to him, introducing him as a fellow Shinki. This makes Yukine happy as he can now make a friend, until he learns Suzuha is one of Bishamonten's Shinki. Bishamonten begins to feel ill from adding another Shinki and Kazuma worries for her, but she tells him she is alright. After he leaves, Kugaha, her Shinki doctor, arrives and tells her about a rumor of Kazuma helping with Yato's ablution. However, she laughs it off as just a rumor. Hiyori leaves Yato and promises to come tomorrow and that she won't leave him alone until she fixes his body, causing him to worry a little for the future ahead.


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