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Amaterasu ( (あま) (てらす) , Amaterasu) is the Sun Goddess and the Highest Goddess who stands at the top of Heaven.


Amaterasu appears to be a young girl of petite appearance. She has light-colored skin, hair, and eyes with usually non-visible pupils. She is normally seen wearing what appears to be a white kariginu (狩衣 (かりぎぬ) ) with an elaborately tied sash, nagabakama (長袴 (ながばかま) , formal long hakama), and a Divine Cloak wrapped around her arms.

During her first appearance, however, she wears a patterned kimono with a dark-colored kasane-eri ( (かさ) (えり) ) peeking out at her collars.


As the Highest Goddess, she seems to put the best interests of Heaven above anything else, although she still listens to her fellow Gods and Goddesses. She remains nonchalant even after apparently losing one of her Shinki.

Skills & Abilities

As the supreme deity and the eldest of the Three Precious Children (三 貴 子 (みはしらのうずのみこ) , mihashira no uzuno miko)/Three Great Gods ( () (はしら) (かみ) , mihashira no kami),[1] Amaterasu sports several powers that seem to be unique to her.

  • All-Seeing Eyes: Amaterasu's eyes are the sun itself, allowing her to see anywhere there is sunlight. However, it is implied by Nora and Father that this ability has blind spots in dark, shadowy places.[2]
  • Divination: Amaterasu can perform a Trial by Pledge, a divination of whether Heaven's judgement is correct.[3]
  • Excommunication/Name taking: Amaterasu can forcibly revoke the name(s) of almost any shinki, including those who are not her own.[4] However, she cannot remove the names of the shinki given by the Crafter due to his possession of the two Words.[5]
  • Banishment: Amaterasu can condemn any being, god or mortal.

Known Shinki

Amaterasu's shinki are referred to as the Three Sacred Treasures ( (さん) (しゅ) (じん) () Sanshu no Jingi). Notably, her shinki's names are written using hiragana rather than kanji.[3]

Given Name Vessel Name Human Name Weapon Name Status Form
Unrevealed Unrevealed Mikagami


Unrevealed Current Mirror[6]
Unrevealed Unrevealed Mitama


Unrevealed Current Magatama[7]
Unrevealed Unrevealed Mitsurugi


Unrevealed Current Sword[8]


  • The name "Amaterasu" is derived from the sentence "Ame/Ama o terasu" ( (あま/あめ) 照らす (てらす) ), which means "[She who] illuminates the heavens". The meaning of her whole name, "Amaterasu Ōmikami" ( (あま/あめ) 照らす (てらす) (おお) () (かみ) ), is "the great August kami (deity) who illuminates heaven".


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