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Akiha (秋巴), is a current Regalia to Bishamonten. He transforms into a small knife when Bishamonten calls for him. Akiha is also the current head doctor of the "ha" clan for Bishamonten after Kugaha was banished. His vessel name is Shūki (秋器).


Akiha's Character Design for Noragami Aragoto.

He is seen to be short and slightly wide, with brown hair. In his human-like form, he is dressed in a suit, a common uniform worn by all of Bishamonten's shinki.


He is a strong but shy man. He stands strong with his ideas but can easily fall under pressure. In OVA 2 he tries not to drink at the picnic, but soon later he becomes drunk. Despite Yato and Yukine being enemies, he showed reverence at Yukine's ability to turn into a blessed regalia. He says that they were impressive, indicating he gives credit where it is due. He also seems to be a good leader since he tried to help lead the other shinki to safety when ayakashi were attacking them, showing concerns for his fellow shinki.


As Bishamonten's shinki, he transforms into a knife. He is not used often, but appears to be more often used when needing to fight smaller phantoms. Another case example would be when Mineha used him to remove ayakashi from infected shinki to save them. He appears to be knowledgeable and intelligent, as he has recently been promoted as the head doctor and takes his job very seriously. He can also draw borderlines.


  • He has stated he is part of a group called Alcoholics Anonymous.