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"Yato! Don't you have a girl to stalk?"
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Aimi Tabata ( () (ばた) (あい) () , Tabata Aimi), also referred to as Ami-chan, is one of Hiyori Iki's friends from school.


Aimi has shoulder-length dark-brown hair that has bangs hanging over her eyebrows, light-brown eyes and she often wears red glasses.

She is most often seen in her middle school uniform, later high school uniform.


Not much has been shown about Aimi's personality, but it is known that she is kind and supportive of Hiyori Iki. She seems to be reasonable, calm and mature. She often worries for Hiyori when she falls asleep (due to her soul slipping out of her body). She is a loyal kind friend who worries about and supports her friends. She seems to be smart and get good grades. She also likes teasing Hiyori, as shown when Hiyori mentioned she was meeting a younger boy she pretended to call Hiyori's mom to tell her her daughter was having illicit relations with a younger boy. She has a quieter personality than Yama, though doesn't seem shy. While not as obsessed with boys as Yama, she did show jealousy when Yama and her boyfriend were flirting, comically stating couples should drop dead.


Aimi was shown with Yama and Hiyori Iki as they looked at the missing poster for the cat Milord. She witnessed Hiyori get hit by a truck in order to save Yato but didn't actually see Yato. She and Yama called an ambulance for Hiyori. She is most often seen hanging out with Yama and Hiyori at or after school. She once went on a group date with Hiyori, Ami, Yama, Kouto Fujisaki and two other males though she didn't hook up with anyone. Later, after Hiyori's family is barraged with lawsuits, she and Yama stay by her side and do their best to support her.


  • As stated in Episode 1, Aimi is a fan of a band called Zenny, especially their leader Shiima to the point she named her dog after him.
  • The name "Aimi" means "love, affection" ( (あい) , ai) and "beautiful" ( () , mi).
  • Her surname, "Tabata," means "field, rice paddy" ( () , ta) and "end, edge, tip, extremity, margin, border, boundary, point, limit, verge, brim, brink, bound" ( (ばた) , bata).