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Adachitoka (あだちとか) is the pen name of the creators of Noragami. The name is a portmanteau of the names of the character artist Adachi (安達), and the background artist Tokashiki (渡嘉敷). Both are female. Adachi was born in Yamagata-ken Murayama-shi and her birthday is on December, 14th. Tokashiki was born in Okinawa-ken Naha-shi and her birthday is on November, 28th.


Adachitoka debuted by providing the illustrations for the manga "Alive: The Final Evolution" (アライブ -最終 進化的 少年-) written by Kawashima Tadashi, and serialized in Monthly Shounen Magazine from 2003-2010. Prior to this, they were assistants to Katou Motohiro, author of "Rocket Man", and Shimizu Aki, author of the manga adaptation of "Suikoden III".

Noragami, which began its serialization in 2011, is Adachitoka's first original work.