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Ōkuninushi (大国主) is one of the most significant deities in Japanese mythology, being the god of nation-building, farming, business, and medicine, as well as matchmaking. Also going by the name Daikokuten (大黒天), he is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, often having his representation paired with that of Ebisu and displayed in small businesses.


Ōkuninushi has the appearance of a middle-aged man with white hair and a tan complexion. He has short, spiky hair and a goatee, as well as a distinct tuft of chest hair that is usually visible through his clothing. Since he is always wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses, his eyes are completely obscured, though they have been shown once and appear very sharp.

Despite being a god of a high standing, Ōkuninushi has a very unconventional choice of clothing. His casual attire consists of a leather jacket worn over a loose shirt with a deep V-neck and dark pants. Even in attendance of formal meetings of the gods. Where most gods wear intricate kimonos based on those worn by the Heian period's noble class. Ōkuninushi is seen wearing a much simpler set of traditional clothing, like those most modern families wear on certain holidays. It consists of a jinbei set (a kimono-like shirt and baggy short trousers) and a haori. Two accessories that Ōkuninushi always seems to wear are his sunglasses and a simple good luck charm tied around his neck with a string.


Ōkuninushi possesses a gruff but caring personality. He demonstrates great concern for his fellow Gods of Fortune; he visits Ebisu in the hospital when the latter falls ill, and Bishamon, after the death of Tsuguha.

However, Ōkuninushi can also be frightening. He begins to transform into a spider in a rage when held captive by the Heavens.

Ōkuninushi's transformation


During the Heavens' investigation into Ebisu's activities, the remaining Seven Gods of Fortune were held under suspicion, within a boundary. The implications of this action infuriated Ōkuninushi. He became enraged and began to transform into a monstrous spider. He reminded the guards that even without his Shinki, he was such a threat that he was sealed, once.


Inaba worshiping

  • He is a fan of rabbits.
    • This references the myth of the Hare of Inaba.
  • In all of his appearances, Ōkuninushi can be seen accompanied by an attendant (presumably a Shinki) whose appearance is very similar to how Ōkuninushi himself (as Daikokuten) is depicted in traditional figurines and charms.